Monday, October 13, 2008


Another week closer to my birthday, Cant wait!!!! I still don't know what I want to get so ill probably ask for money like always :-). Anyway this week was pretty much a normal week i didn't do anything out of the ordinary I went to school and work. The weekend was a little more interesting then the weekdays though, I was walking around my hood and I ran into my cousin and I caught him smoking. Its not a big deal but hes 16 and he was smoking a cigarette, which means i guess he got tired of smoking weed. I played it off like if it was nothing but I really want him to succeed and hes going down the wrong road. All he does is chill on the stoops all day and take a weed brake once in a while, they smoke like 5 times a day, hes lost like 30 pounds. Every time we go play ball my brother is always playing him saying stuff like " look at him that weed got him crazy he thinks hes going 100mph in his head but hes moving in slow motion". My brother is a clown, my mom caught my cuz smoking weed one day and she beat his ass down lmao it was halarious cause hes a big ass dude like 6'3, getting beat in the middle of the streets by a 5 foot lady. I got a little off track there but yea, on saturday night i went to my friends surprise birthday party. You know how your suppose to be fashionably late? I was 2 hrs late lol I missed the surpirse part of the party(which is the whole point). As soon as I got there though I caught up on my saucyness, I got at that Black Label with coke with the quickness, I went straight to the fridge and took like 5 jello shots one of each color. I started taking grey goose shots and by that point I started to feel the buzz. I went to the dance floor adn started acting a fool like I always do when i get to drinking and dancing. I bumped into one of my old Residential Director from my college at the party I tried to get him to drink but he was driving. I was curious to see what the score in the redsox game was so I tuned in real quick at 1am and the game was still on 4 hours later so we started watching the game at the party everybody was drunk and divided between the two teams so you can imagine. Anyway the game went back and forth for a while but it finally ended at 1:35am and the redsox lost all teh yankee fans were getting on us so i stoped the music and said "Is this coming from the yankee fans?? The same yankees who didnt make the playoffs??" then i started the music again and they shut up lol. This week didnt bring much excitement but it was mostly cause I didnt chill with the regulars but this coming week is sure to bring more excitement so stay on the look out. One of my boys is moving to the marcy projects (home of Jay-Z) Imma go visit him this weekend see what its like to live in the porjects with the pissy hallways and elevators lol.

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Hope you had a good b-day :)